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Myotonic Goat Registry Pedigree Search

An Internet service provided by the Myotonic Goat Registry, for reference purposes only.

The Myotonic Goat Registry records registrations and pedigrees for myotonic goats.
The focus of this registry is on the genetic background of the goats.
All Myotonic goats are registered by the MGR based on the information provided from the applicant.
The Myotonic Goat Registry maintains records based on that information.
No liability is accepted by the Myotonic Goat Registry for any inaccuracies in the details of any particular goat. Reverse pedigree information displayed online may not always display complete lineage due to internal limiting fields along with for reference only listings.
All non MGR registered listings are being provided soley as a service and are neither expressed nor implied.

If you wish to provide pedigree information from searches within this database please provide them
in image form via your own personal host with a link from the image to the main MGR database search page.


It only takes a few simple steps to display a Myotonic Goat pedigree search result.
STEP 1 Select the number of generations you will want displayed in the pedigree. For most computer printers printing in Landscape mode, 4 generations is the best choice.
STEP 2 Enter the name, or partial name, of the Myotonic Goat to search for.
  • If you use slow search, entering "Billy" will find all Myotonic Goats whose names contain the letters "Billy", including all those containing "BillyBob" or "BillyBobBuck". Slow search is more thorough and accurate.
  • If you use fast search, you must provide a full word (not a partial word) for matches to show up; for example, entering "Billy" will find all Myotonic Goats whose names contain the word "Billy" but would not find those whose names contain "BillyBob" or "BillyBobBuck". For more successful searches, please use a word longer than 3 letters and omit any 's at the end.
STEP 3 Select which database to use:
Myotonic Goat Registry Database - Informational content copyrighted by © Myotonic Goat Registry . Frequently updated.
STEP 4 Perform fast search by full word.
Perform slow search by partial word, full word, or multiple words.
Click on the "Search Now" button below to begin your search.
Be advised, pedigrees viewed from search results containing multiple generations may not be optimized for printing.
The search may take a minute to complete, please be patient.

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