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The Myotonic Goat Registry is here to serve breeders as an "open" registry for all goats of the traditional Myotonic breed found originally in Tennessee but now throughout the USA and Canada. We will register your Myotonic goat, according to our registration instructions and qualifications, regardless of whether it has been previously registered or not. We welcome unregistered herds that have goats of the traditional type, whether a single backyard pet or a full scale production herd. We ask that your goats be at least 50% Myotonic. Our goal is to secure the future of the traditional breed, and we will record any previous information from other registries as well as maintaining our own information. We are proud to have the flexibility to meet the needs of all Myotonic breeders that are interested in preserving this unique breed, whether hobbyists or production-minded breeders.

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